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The advent of the internet has shrunk the world into a local marketplace of ideas, information, goods and services.

Those who need a competitive edge must have a web site.

Before, this was costly or you needed web site design skills and knowledge of HTML (the language of the internet).

Good news though! Anyone now can make a web site.

To make a web site, all you do is make a web page.

Then you continue to build web pages to cover each supporting idea that you want to discuss.

In the end (actually you do this as you continue to build), you link all your web pages together to make a web site.

Therefore, the most important thing in creating a web site is knowing how to make a web page.

Once you can make a web page, all you have to do is make web pages and then link them together(you'll learn all of this later) to create a web site.

Our web page builder tools are ideal to help you build a web page that is content filled and meets the search engines requirements for high web site listings.

Being able to repeatedly make a web page that is relevant to the general theme of your web site and the particular topic of your web page and over delivering web site content so that visitors are satisfied and the search engines are happy is key.

For free courses about learning how to make a web page, click here.

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