Speed Up Computer Performance - No Expertise Required!

System Mechanic Professional Makes your PC run like new!

System Mechanic Professional Award Winning Software
  • Speeds up your Computer’s performance
  • Makes your PC run like new again
  • Fixes Registry errors, crashes & freezes
  • Cleans out system clogging junk & clutter

  • Boosts PC start time and web speed up to 300%

  • Problems are automatically repaired, so you enjoy fast, reliable performance – no computer expertise required!

  • System Mechanic is like a PC technician in a box

Are’nt you tired and fed up with your computer running slow and lazy just months after you purchased it?

If you are just as disgusted as tens of thousands of people are, then wouldn’t you like to join them in finding a solution to this nagging, upsetting and vexing problem?

Speed Up Computer

Well the fix is not as difficult as it may seem.

There is an award winning software technology that is cleaning up all the junk from PCs.

This amazing software is invented and owned by iolo Company. Iolo System Mechanic 9 has been winning awards and receiving rave reviews from users and top renowned publications such as

  • PC World – "System Mechanic 9 digs deep to improve performance" ....

    "...an elegant interface and an extraordinary degree of customizability and fine control..."

  • Business Week – “System Mechanic 9 is now in a league of its own" ....

    "Version 9 is a big upgrade that's well worth the full price"

  • American Business Awards crowned iolo as the “Fastest growing US Company of 2009 in any region or industry”
  • There are a whole hosts of additional ringing endorsements from Business, the Press and Users alike


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