Web site ranking trumps web site promotion


Get high web site ranking

High web site ranking is no accident. Even though you make a web site that has no equal in its web site design and web site content, you must ask yourself the question: will my target audience see it? If not, your effort is wasted.

You probably heard the statement “if you build it they will come.” Well that does not apply to web sites. To be found by search engines, you must first have high web site listings and ranking. In fact your web site must rank among the top 20 sites in your category for it to enjoy any real visibility.

High web site ranking must be achieved before visitors come to your web site. You must first be found by the search engines and enjoy a high web site ranking before people can find you.

Being found by search engines is usually through web site submissions and again it cannot be over emphasized that your web site must rank among the top 20 to really have visibility. Any lower web site ranking and your web site is virtually invisible.

It is for high web site ranking that companies spend thousands of dollars on web site marketing and web site promotion.

To enjoy top web site ranking without spending thousands of dollars, you must make a web site that satisfies the search engines criteria.

Gaining top web site ranking can be achieved if you use our powerful web page builder tools to optimize your pages for the search engines. Web page analyzer tools make this a snap.

In fact, of all the millions of web sites on the world wide web, more than half of the web sites built with these tools rank among the top 6%.

High web site ranking is no accident. Although these web page builder tools are most potent and more powerful than any other web page builder tool, they are not short cuts and they do not allow search engines spamming or other tricks to meet the search engines’ criteria while neglecting the web site content which is the main reason millions of people use search engines.

The search engines want to know that their product (the sites they expose on any search) is of good quality and trying to trick them can result in severe penalties and the undoing of your web site. But don’t worry. You won’t be able to go wrong even if you tried.

To be assured of high web site ranking, though, there is an obligation on your part. You need to understand the working of these powerful web page builder tools and free courses are offered to bring you up to speed in an effort to achieve top web site ranking. The links below offer free courses.

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