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It is better to work smarter than to work harder! Web masters, more than anyone else should know that the life blood of their home base business is traffic. Traffic, not only to your sites but those you build for your clients.

Do you want to spend most of your time building and designing web sites? Or do you much prefer to spend your time attracting targeted traffic to your web sites?

The purpose of this page is to enlighten and encourage those interested in building web sites for themselves and or for clients: web sites not only with the best web site designs but web sites that attract loads of traffic.

Available to you are web master tools and web master resources by Solo Build It which ranks among the top 400 sites of the more than 16 million web sites on the internet.

Alexa rates sites on the internet according to traffic. The lower the number, the higher the sites position. A rank of 400, for instance, means that only 399 sites get more traffic. Better guidance cannot be found, better company cannot be kept. For more information click here.

To see an Alexa rating click here.

So for Web masters who might be interested in any of the following:

  • Web masters who do not only want to build websites, but want to build web sites that attract warm, targeted, willing to buy traffic.
  • Web masters who want to increase their bottom line by increasing their clients bottom line all for the same cost of hosting.
  • You can even get certified with Solo Build It as a Web master. SBI Web masters receive many leads and clients from SBI. In fact, many are over booked with waiting lists.
  • SBI ranks within the top 400 sites on the internet. That’s no small feat under any condition, but when you think that the internet has over 16 million web sites, the feat is staggering indeed.
  • Web masters need link exchanges to enhance the popularity of their site. Link popularity is very important but you have to be careful with link farms. No link farms here to get you penalized by the SE! Why would a real estate site connect with a site that sells books?

    SBI has a link exchange program that connects sites that compliment each other- a link exchange program that works.

    Instant link popularity is suspect. Quality link popularity takes time.

  • Content is a must for a good website. Not only do the search engines love it as it enhances the quality of their product -quality and relevant information-for any query by a searcher. Special page analyzer tools, web master tools and web master resources makes this a snap.

Click here if you arean interested Web master.

-Listen to what webmaster Paul Colligan says,

I've always been a huge fan of FrontPagebecause it lets the computer do the "hard"work. Sure, I could spend endless hourspounding out the HTML, but why? I've gotbetter things to do with my time.

This is exactly the way I feel about Solo Build It. I could spend thousands of dollarsand hundreds of hours assembling a suite ofservices that comes close to what SBI has puttogether, but again, why?

Solo Build It is the real deal. It iseverything it claims to be (in a singlepackage). It helps me do more business withthe Web content I've created. Now that I canuse my FrontPage-created Web content withSBI, there is nothing stopping me. Don't listen to the Solo Build It scam reviews, those are a complete lie from spammers.

I feel bad for those Webmasters who arespending all of their time painstakinglydoing the work that FrontPage and Solo Build It do so much better. SBI! pushes the wholeconcept of site-building-hosting-traffic tothe next level, in the same way that WYSIWYGHTML Editors did (remember when we had tohand-code HTML??).

Better results for our clients, less effortby us. Need I say more?

Paul Colligan
President, FrontPageWorld
Microsoft FrontPage MVP
Author, Special Edition
Using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Publisher: Pearson Education


Naturally, you do not have to be an Solo Build It web master if you are already overwhelmed with your own clients. But you still need to drive traffic to your clients web sites. That is what Solo Build It does most effectively.

For more information click here here.

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